Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve!


As we head headlong into Christmas, we wanted to update you on what you can expect this week on your Blue Oven schedule! What you can expect this week is business as usual but with even more bread! While we are planning based on what we expect you’ll want for your gatherings of friends and family we can always use help if you’re hoping for a specialty bread! Email if you discover you’ll need something special, or if you’d like to order a large amount of one bread, and we’ll do our best to fit that need into our production schedule.

The most important date is our schedule for Christmas Eve! We will be at Findlay Market in the morning as well as making morning deliveries to both Jungle Jim locations, Country Fresh Farm Markets on Vine and in Beechmont as well as Holzman’s Meats!

We can’t wait for the week ahead, and we hope to be a party of your Holiday Season!

Holiday Breads Plan Ahead! Reminders!


Holidays are fully upon us, and the shopping season is in full swing! We’ll be continuing to send plenty of your Blue Oven favorites to each of your farmers’ market stops, and hopefully you’ll be able to find each variety of our sourdough, croissant or English Muffins you hope to share with your friends or family! However, if you don’t want to put your hopes to chance, please feel free to reach out to us, here, in order to make a special request. While we can’t always fulfill special requests due to ingredient availability and timing in our production schedule, we will always consider your request and let you know what can be done.

Also, now is the time to order you Blue Oven gear for the bread fan in your life. You can check out what we have on our website on our Merch Page. We can’t wait to see folks in our t-shirts next spring and summer!

Lastly, we’re still looking to rehome our tractor-driven Stone-Buhr Flour Mill, lend a hand and share to anyone you feel might be interested!

Wood-Fired and Good Old-Fashioned Motivation

Though we’re not fluent in the language in the following video (German), we are fluent in the language of bread, and in that a video like this motivates us to continue to do things the way they’ve been done throughout the history of wood-fired bread. Though a different bakery on a different continent, and in a different decade the tools, techniques and care taken in each loaf are the same we take every day in getting bread to you at all of your favorite Blue Oven location. Watch in this video and you’ll see a small glimpse of the every day life in a German bakery in the 60s, but also a very close look at what you’d see at Blue Oven today!

Holiday Breads Plan Ahead! Give the Gift of Blue Oven!


Just as we did with Thanksgiving we’ll be putting out plenty of your Blue Oven favorites throughout the Holiday season, so you and your family are well supplied for your gatherings of friends and family! However, if you’re hosting an event and would like to have English Muffins, croissants, bread, etc. for your party and are in need of large amounts of one item or another, please let us know in advance, and we’ll add it to our production schedule so your taken care of!

Also, the Holidays here, and with Cyber Monday upon us, we thought it would be a good time to remind you we have gifts available on our website! You can browse here!

WEDNESDAY is the big day! Deliveries and Markets!


Just a reminder that we’ll be out in full Blue Oven force on Wednesday to take care of all of your bread needs for Thanksgiving! Take a quick look at the schedule, and also a reminder that there are no deliveries or Take Home Tano’s tomorrow!

Tuesday, Nov 20: No Take Home Tano, No Jungle Jim’s, Country Fresh or Harvest
Wednesday, Nov 21: Morning deliveries to Jungle Jim’s, Country Fresh Market, Harvest Market
Findlay Market, 9a-6p (or while supplies last)
Northside Market, 4p-7p
Thursday, Nov 22: No Markets, Happy Thanksgiving
Friday, Nov 23: No Findlay Market
Saturday, Nov 24: Resume Normal Market schedule

Plan Ahead Thanksgiving Breads


As we approach the holiday season, we always like to remind our customers that we’re here for you! Though we often come to our pre-holiday markets like our Wednesday appearance at Findlay Market with lots of extra bread, if you have something special you’d like to order please let us know by Sunday November 18! We’ll continue to take reservations, but for larger orders or specialty orders the extra time is especially helpful for our team! We want to do our best to make sure your family needs are taken care of so please reach out if you have any questions. You can use our online contact form here or you can email

Here’s our schedule for next week, and we’ll keep you posted if anything changes:

Tuesday, Nov 20: No Take Home Tano, No Jungle Jim’s, Country Fresh or Harvest
Wednesday, Nov 21: Early deliveries to Jungle Jim’s, Country Fresh Market, Harvest Market
Findlay Market, 9a-6p (or while supplies last)
Northside Market, 4p-7p
Thursday, Nov 22: No Markets, Happy Thanksgiving
Friday, Nov 23: No Findlay Market
Saturday, Nov 24: Resume Normal Market schedule

For Sale The Mill at Blue Oven Farm, Winter Schedule Update

IMG_1106 (1).jpg

With Blue Oven Farm progressing into new directions a vision is starting to come together of what the farm will look like down the road, and with that vision comes new plans. In the past we’ve leaned heavily on a smaller mill to handle the milling of the flour grown at Blue Oven and for Blue Oven, but the plans for the future were to use a vintage Buhr-Stone Mill that was tractor run. As we looked at new ideas for the milling program we started to realize the tractor-run mill wasn’t the right fit for the space we had. With new plans in place we’re looking for a new home for our mill. With that in mind we’ve put the Mill and Tractor up for sale, and we hope you’ll share this great opportunity for a beautiful piece of milling equipment along with a beautiful classic tractor. You can find more information about the sale on our website here. Let us know if you have any questions!

We’re now in full Winter Farmers’ Market mode and so now is a great time to look at the updated schedule on where you can find us throughout the window. The schedule is below!


Jungle Jim's Eastgate
4450 Eastgate S Dr,
Cincinnati, OH 45245

Jungle Jim's Fairfield
5440 Dixie Hwy,
Fairfield, OH 45014

Every TuesdayWednesday and Thursday 
Fresh bread delivered by 3pm, 
Saturday and Sunday by 8am (Eastgate location) and by 12pm (Fairfield location) 


Country Fresh Beechmont

8315 Beechmont Ave #15,
Cincinnati, OH 45255

Country Fresh Vine St
8425 Vine St,
Cincinnati, OH 45216

Every Tuesday and Thursday
Fresh bread delivered by 3pm

Harvest Market
308 Main St
Milford, OH 45150
Tuesday by 3p and Saturday by 8a

Holzman Meats
10815 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242
(Delivery on Tuesday)

No scheduled deliveries

Take Home Tano
November - May | 3:30p-6:30p
851 Loveland Madeira Rd
Loveland, OH 45140

Northside Farmers' Market
October - May | 4p-7p
Northside Presbyterian Church
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Madeira Farmers' Market
October - May | 3:30p-7p
Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian Church
Madeira, OH 45243

Findlay Market
Year-round | 9:00a-6:00p
(Limited bread menu available. Subject to change. Please contact us to learn more.)

Yellow Springs Market
April-November  | 7a-12p
228 Xenia Ave, Yellow Springs 

Findlay Market
Year-round | 8:00a-6:00p

Findlay Market
Year-round  | 10:00a-4:00p

Hyde Park Farmers' Market
November - May | 10:00a-1:30p
Clark Montessori
3030 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Final Tuesday at Loveland Farmers' Market, Winter Farmers Market at Hyde Park Begins Sunday


We’re in the final week of our outdoor market schedule in one of our favorite stops throughout our week. The Loveland Farmers’ Market concludes this Tuesday much to our dismay, so don’t miss out on your final chance to visit it with some of our favorite vendors! The good news for bread fans is we’ll be returning to Take Home Tano the following week! We’re thrilled to continue our stay in Loveland and we look forward to seeing you out on Loveland Madeira Road!

In other news, the Winter Farmers’ Market at Hyde Park resumes at Clark Montessori this Sunday starting at 10a and running until 1p! Clark is a great place to continue your Sunday morning market routine as it features many of the familiar faces from the square! Stop on by this weekend and see for yourself!

Schedule Changes and Upcoming Schedule Changes

Bad Girl.jpg

Today marks the start of the last full week of October, and with that, we’re running into even more schedule changes for farmers’ markets. Listed below are the key changes over the next two weeks. Don’t miss out!

Wednesday, October 24: Last day at the Fort Thomas Farmers’ Market

Sunday, October 28: Last day at the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market, Moves to Clark Montessori

Tuesday, October 30: Last day at the Loveland Farmers’ Market, Moves to Take Home Tano’s

Learn Your Croissants: The One the Only, The Coconut


Over the summer we discussed croissants by introducing you to our classic butter croissant. On its own, the butter is a beautiful, crispy sweet treat for and a great vehicle for all your heart could desire, but in some cases we like to add a little flare so you don’t have to.

The Coconut Croissant is one of those cases. With the simple addition of toasted coconut, and a sweetened compound butter inside and out, the Coconut Croissant is baked again and turned into a delicious snack or decadent breakfast. But, don’t let us tell you how good it is, see what Cincinnati Magazine had to say about the croissant in a (semi)recent article. You’ll find the Coconut Croissant at most of our farmers’ markets and at some of our retail locations. Go forth and find your own!

Learn Your Loaves: Cherry Chocolate


Even though we won’t be featuring it this weekend the Cherry Chocolate is one of our weekend warriors. The Cherry Chocolate is a sourdough of a different sort. Like other fruit breads the Cherry Chocolate features dried cherries. It is joined by chocolate chips and sweetened with extra sugar and to give it an extra punch of chocolate flavor we add some cocoa powder. Some of us at the bakery like to use the Cherry Chocolate for an extra-decadent French Toast, but other customers have shared other ideas. We’d love to hear what you do with the Cherry-Chocolate, so post away in our comments section!

Join the Team: Farm Manager / Schedule Update: No Yellow Springs 10/13

Blue Oven Farm Logo.png

As many of our Yellow Springs Customers will already know, the Yellow Springs Farmers’ Market will be held on Sunday 10/14 instead of Saturday this week. With the schedule change Blue Oven will not be able to attend on Sunday, so look for us the following Saturday!

Want to join the #BlueOven Team? We're looking to add to our roster of talented employees! Each member of #BlueOven plays a vital role, and we're always looking across the board for talent from #Cincinnati and beyond! We're currently looking to add a new Farm Manager to the team. Blue Oven Farm is seeking a hard working, task and team orientated person for full time year-round farm garden manager position. Blue Oven Farm produces garden vegetable and fruits for its baked good business as well as restaurants and farm markets. Blue Oven also grows wheat. The farm duties include harvesting, assisting in crop production, agricultural projects, record keeping, mulching, packaging, and customer service. Applicants must demonstrate good communication skills, problem solving, have a good general understanding of agriculture. 

If you're interested, please email,, or send a note through our website with a brief background and resume! #lovewhatyoudo #BlueOven

If you're interested, please email,, or send a note through our website with a brief background and resume! #lovewhatyoudo #BlueOven #blueovenfarm

Schedule Changes Reminder!


Greeting Blue Oven fans! We’re now into October, and with that comes some changes to the schedule! Take a look below, to see what changes have happened, and whether it impacts your route to find your English Muffins. As always we’ll keep you posted as updates come through!

Tuesday: Loveland Farmers’ Market is open through October, and then we’ll be back at Take Home Tano’s in November!
Wednesday: Blue Ash Farmers’ Market is now closed for the season, but we’ll continue at Northside Farmers’ Market outside until November when we move to the Northside Presbyterian Church. Fort Thomas Farmers’ Market is open through October, but the hours are now 3p-6p.
Thursday: Madeira Farmers’ Market moves to their inside location, but will remain outdoors at the Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian Church until November
Friday: COME SEE US AT TOAST BAR at Findlay Market!
Saturday: Yellow Springs Farmers’ Market remains outdoors, but Blue Oven will not be there on October 13 as they shift the market that weekend to October 14. We’ll return the following Saturday October 20 to regularly scheduled Yellow Springs Farmers’ Market. The Springfield Farmers’ Market is closed for the outdoor season, but we hope to return there soon for their next market season!
Sunday: The Hyde Park Farmers’ Market remains in the square until November when it will then move to Clark Montessori, and start later in the morning.

Learn Your Loaves: The Sour Rye

Sour Rye.jpg

As with many loaves at Blue Oven we like to have options for our customers to enjoy. The Sour Rye is no different. Like many of our other sourdough breads, the Sour Rye, starts with our standard Country French dough and additional ingredients are added as we go through mixing. In the case of the Sour Rye there’s two key additions. The first addition is extra Rye flour that helps to build texture in the loaf and increase the signature flavors in the loaf. The second addition, and it’s the big one is the caraway seed! The caraway flavor is what many folks associate with Rye breads you’ll find at diners and in the grocery store, and it’s what helps to give our Sour Rye it’s signature punch. Those additions aren’t the only thing that sets the Sour Rye apart, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, we like to have variations of most of our breads and with this loaf it comes right before it’s dropped in our wood-fired oven. A sprinkling of salt on top of the dough before it’s baked is another addition that sets this bread apart, and if you’re worried that you don’t like salt, have no fear, we like to send loaves without the salt to markets where the Sour Rye will appear. So if you love American Rye breads, but want the added health benefits of sourdough don’t miss out on one of our favorites the next time you swing through your favorite farmers’ market!

Final Week at the Blue Ash Farmers' Market, Join the Team!


Fall has arrived and September is coming to a close, and that means another one of our favorite farmers’ markets is coming to a close this week. The Blue Ash Farmers’ Market will be enjoying its final market this Wednesday, so make sure you head out to Summit Park this week to celebrate another great year with all of your favorite vendors! We’ll continue with the Northside Farmers’ Market every Wednesday, and the Fort Thomas Farmers’ Market continues through October!

Don't forget, we're always looking to hire interested folks to the Blue Oven Team! If you're interested, please email,, or send a note through our website with a brief background and resume! #lovewhatyoudo #BlueOven

Learn Your Loaves: Tortano (A.K.A. Italian Hubcap)


Around Blue Oven Bakery we don’t consider a bread a true part of the bake list, unless it has more than one name. No bread is no truer part of the Blue Oven bake list than the classic you probably know simply as “Hubcap”. The Tortano (A.K.A. Italian Hubcap) is well known around farmers’ markets because of its round shape and signature tire like look. The Hubcap is a ciabatta style dough with a higher percentage of water than many loaves, so it takes a lot of work to build up the gluten structure in the bread to allow it to hold the round shape. Fermented overnight with a higher percentage of dry yeast to give the loaf a strong flavor the Tortano is great for dipping because it pairs well with so many different oils and vinegars. You might have tried the Hubcap at one of your favorite downtown restaurants a list you can see here. You can pick up at this ciabatta style bread at most of your favorite farmers’ markets, so whether you call it the “tire”, “wheel”, or the “donut” we know exactly you’re looking for, so make sure you grab one this week!

Rain or Shine Reminder! Check Your Market Schedule


On days like today, we figured it was a good time to remind you that Blue Oven is a rain or shine vendor at all of your favorite markets! We also wanted to update the market schedule as it stands!

Loveland Farmers' Market
May 1 - October 30 | 3p-6:30p
Loveland Canoe & Kayak
174 Karl Brown Way,
Loveland, OH 45140

Northside Farmers' Market 
May 9 - October | 4p-7p
Jacob Hoffner Park
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Blue Ash Farmers' Market
May 16 - Sept 26 | 3:30p-7p
Summit Park
4335 Glendale Milford Rd, 
Blue Ash, OH 45242

Fort Thomas Farmers' Market
June 6 - October | 3p-7p
Tower Park
905 Cochran Ave
Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Madeira Farmers' Market
May 3-September | 3:30p-7p
Corner of Dawson & Miami (in Historic Downtown Madeira)
Moves to the Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian Church in October
Madeira, OH 45243

Blue Oven Farm (32 Farm Market)
Pick up produce and produce boxes fresh picked from Blue Oven Farm! Assorted breads are also available.
Seasonal | 3p-7p
4257 McKeever Pike
Williamsburg, Ohio 45176

Findlay Market
Year-round | 9:00a-6:00p
(Limited bread menu available. Subject to change. Please contact us to learn more.)

Yellow Springs Market
April-November  | 7a-12p
228 Xenia Ave, Yellow Springs 

Findlay Market
Year-round | 8:00a-6:00p

Springfield Farmers' Market
June - September  | 9a-12:30p
117 S Fountain Ave
Springfield, Ohio

Findlay Market
Year-round  | 10:00a-4:00p

Hyde Park Farmers' Market
May 20 - Oct 28 | 9:30a-1:30p
2700 Erie Ave,
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Learn Your Loaves: Baguette


The Baguette is a loaf of bread well know around the world, and the way baguettes are produced varies from bakery to bakery.  By that we mean, some methods use a traditional overnight ferment called a poolish, some bakeries use a sourdough, and some bakeries like us use a combination of both.  Using a sourdough and overnight ferment created by mixing water, flour and dry yeast helps our baguette to take on a lot of flavor and also helps us to have a great crumb profile inside of the crust through a stronger gluten.  The long slender shape of the bread makes the baguette perfect for cutting into numerous small pieces that can be used as a soup dipping bread, as an appetizer building bread and as a platform for a cheese and meat spread.  Our Baguette has gone through multiple iterations, and we're always playing with the recipe to bring the best loaf to you at all of your markets!  We hope you enjoy this one, it's one of our favorites!


Market Schedule Changes Are Coming


As we enter September we're entering a time where the farmers' market schedule changes for Blue Oven.  Updates will be coming through all month to remind you, but take a quick look at the schedule to remind yourself when your favorite markets will close, or head indoors for the winter! You can review that schedule here! One change to highlight this week is for the Hilliard Farmers' Market as the market will be closing for outdoor purposes on September 11, just a week and a day or two markets away!  As always we look forward to seeing you year-round, so please join us wherever and whenever you can!  


Don't forget, we're always looking to hire interested folks to the Blue Oven Team! If you're interested, please email,, or send a note through our website with a brief background and resume! #lovewhatyoudo #BlueOven