BLuE oven Variety

With almost a full week of summer officially in the books we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone that you can experience Blue Oven in exciting ways all year, but there's no better time, than now!

Blueberries are once again the feature this week in croissants going to farmers' markets this week, including the beautiful bi-color pinwheel croissants colored by blueberry jam! Come find one this week!

Blueberries are once again the feature this week in croissants going to farmers' markets this week, including the beautiful bi-color pinwheel croissants colored by blueberry jam! Come find one this week!

Blue Oven attends farmers' markets throughout the week in order to feature all of your favorite bread, croissants and English Muffins.  We're at the Loveland Farmers' Market and Liberty Center Farmers' Market on Tuesday, at Blue Ash, Northside and Ft. Thomas Farmers' Markets on Wednesday, followed by the Madeira Farmers' Market on Thursday.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you'll find us at our Findlay Market stand also serving up Toast Bar.  On Saturday we head up to the Yellow Springs Farmers Market, and finally on Sunday we go to Hyde Park. And don't forget, we also deliver to Jungle Jim's (Eastgate and Fairfield) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Holzman Meats on Tuesday and Buona Vita Pizzeria on Saturday. Find your weekly Blue Oven here!

As we've been sharing a lot lately, the Blue Oven Farm Store is now open for business on Thursday (1p-7p), Friday (1p-7p) and Saturday (10a-12p) at 4257 McKeever Pike in Williamsburg, Ohio.  There you can treat yourself to something from Blue Oven Farm to go with your wood-fired breads.  Check out the schedule on The Farm tab on the website!

You can also find Blue Oven at restaurants around the Greater Cincinnati area.  Some of the greatest food minds in our city are doing some truly wonderful things with our product, and we'd love for you to go check out what they're doing.  Those restaurants are conveniently assembled on our website.  Make some reservations to try one (or more) of these fantastic establishments today!

This week at the Blue Oven Farm Store

This week at the Blue Oven Farm Store we'll have a selection featuring lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, basil, carrots and summer squash.  Along with the produce you'll be able to snag a small assortment of breads, English Muffins and croissants.

Farm Store Schedule as of June 21:

Thursday: (1p-7p) Fresh Produce, Baked Breads, English Muffins and Croissants
Friday: (1p-7p) Fresh Produce, Baked Breads and English Muffins
Saturday: (10a-12p) Fresh Produce, Croissants and Fresh Brewed Coffee 


Join the Blue Oven Team Bakers!

Want to join the #BlueOven Team?  We're looking to add to our roster of talented employees.  Each member of Blue Oven plays a vital role, and while we're always looking across the board for talent from #Cincinnati, we're currently looking to add an experienced wood-fired baker to the team.  The baker position plays an essential role in the day-to-day operations at the bakery, loading our wood-fired ovens with bread, croissants or pretzels, monitoring the progress of the bake as well as organizing the goods going to markets and restaurants around the city. 

If you have experience baking in a wood-fired oven and or using a large peel that's a major plus, but if you're intrigued by the prospect of working with us we'd be happy to hear from you!  If you're interested, please email, or send a note through our website with a brief background and resume!

Farm Store Kicks off new era at Blue Oven

As many of you may have recognized from the CSA and Farm Store updates this week. Blue Oven is starting a new chapter at a new farm off of 32 and McKeever Pike.  While still some time away from running at full capacity the Farm Store gives us a chance to showcase a beautiful future for the bakery, farm, and the Blue Oven team! We'll have produce, fresh bread, croissants and more, and eventually you'll get to see it all happen.  We can't wait for you to take part in our day-to-day operation and experience an English Muffin fresh off the griddle!

Last week at the Farm Store, we had turnips, radishes, kale, lettuce, zucchini, sugar snap peas freshly baked bread, and English Muffins.  We'll update you on Wednesday with the fresh delivery, when our Farm Manager, Ian, will be harvesting each week. 

Stay tuned this week for updates on the bakery front as we're expecting to feature even more from Blue Oven Farm in croissants AND breads! Come see us at your favorite market!



Kale, Radishes, Lettuce and Rad Bread! CSA 2017 is under way

We're thrilled at Blue Oven to have our CSA program under way for 2017.  Not only is it a chance to feature #BlueOvenFarm, but it's also our first opportunity to showcase what will be an even bigger part of our future.  Today, Friday (1p-7p) and Saturday (10a-2p), we have a bounty of kale, radishes, turnips, sugar-snap peas, head lettuce, zucchini and assorted breads. We'd love for you to swing by and catch a glimpse of where we're going!

Blue Oven CSA Begins this Week!

Our CSA and Farm Manager, Ian Zeglin, has been working tirelessly for the past several months to get the Blue Oven Farm up and running for 2017, and he deserves an immense amount of credit for the hard work he has put in.  Now with more space at our new location, as well as an ever-increasing bounty from our current farm we can bring even more to our program.  And, with that in mind, the 2017 CSA kicks off this week!  More details to come on what our members can expect in their delivery!

Last week, we sent out some delicious fresh-peach croissants alongside strawberry croissants and a garlic scape pesto pinwheel croissant that we can't wait to see again next year!  This week, with the help of The Bundy Farm in Sardinia our fruit croissant of the week will feature blueberries.  We love being able to feature fresh items during our market week, and we'll continue to update you on all things coming and going at Blue Oven all summer long!

Farmers Market Schedule REMINDER: 
Tuesday: Loveland, Liberty Center
Wednesday: Blue Ash, Northside, Ft. Thomas
Thursday: Madeira
Friday: Findlay Market
Saturday: Yellow Springs, Findlay Market
Sunday: Hyde Park, Findlay Market

(Details about time and location can be found on the FIND US tab on our website.)

Get to Know your market team Blue Ash, Ohio!

Jamie Prindle Baseball Card.jpg

Jamie Prindle started at #BlueOven bakery with a background in Customer Service and experience in the restaurant industry in Cincinnati.  She loves spending time with her daughter and her friends and family. She loves spending time outdoors, hiking and camping.  Jamie enjoys working at the farmers’ markets like the #BlueAshFarmersMarket and shaping bread at the bakery, but her favorite day of the week is Sunday—Croissant Day!

Blue Oven is in full SUMMER mode!

As mentioned last week, Blue Oven will be going outside in two more locations.  Ft. Thomas Farmers' Market heads back outside at the Highlander Event Center from 3p-7p and the Liberty Center Farmers' Market 3p-7p as well. Those dates set us in full motion for the summer, and we're really hoping to see all of you out at your favorite locations this year! Our challenge to you this year is to branch out to new markets!  Every market has something special to offer, and we'd love you to experience each of our market friends across the city.  More importantly, we'd love to see your experiences. Grab a loaf of bread, some fresh veggies, plants or an artisan craft, photo it, and share it with the hashtag #BlueOvenSummer. We can't wait to see it!

With all of the fresh spring produce hitting the markets we're officially moving into FRUIT & SAVORY Croissant season (our favorite time of the year, and from what we hear your favorite time as well). We featured some of our garlic scapes last week, and we'll once again featuring them in a garlic pesto savory croissant.  Joining them will be a fruit croissant featuring a jam made from fresh Georgia peaches. Looking forward to sharing them with you!

Summer has arrived! Liberty Center, Ft. Thomas returning soon!

We hope you're enjoying your time with your friends and family while taking part in the celebration of Memorial Day across our great city!  The summer is kicking into full gear over the next couple weeks, and with that there's the exciting addition of seasonal fresh items included in our bounty of breads, croissants and toasts! 

Next week marks the return of the Liberty Center Farmers' Market (June 6), and the Ft. Thomas Farmers' Market moves back outside on Wednesday! 

Finally, our thoughts are with the City of Loveland after the devastating fire in their downtown area over the weekend.  The Loveland Farmers' Market and our presence at Take Home Tano have connected us deeply with the community so we hope the recovery is swift and full.

Share With Blue Oven's Community Board

From the news coming in, it sounds like Hyde Park Farmers' Market opened in Hyde Park Square to great success!  We hope for another great season outdoors in one of favorite markets!  

Since we don't have any market news this week, we thought we'd share with you the opportunity to share with Blue Oven's Community Board. We would love to share news from our market neighbors, our restaurant partners and you!  Reach out to and give us the details of what you'd like to impart upon our audience, and we'll get back to you with a plan!

Stay tuned as the summer moves along for more updates about markets, our CSA Program and fresh offerings heading to Toast Bar and out to market in the form of savory or fruit croissants!

Buona Vita Pizzeria, Blue Ash and Hyde Park!

In case you missed it, we have great news! We're now officially available on Saturdays at Buona Vita Pizzeria in Crescent Springs, KY!  You can find us there between 11:00a-4:00p then grab a bite to eat! 

The great news continues this week as we're also returning to our outdoor location for the Hyde Park Farmers' Market in Hyde Park Square on Sunday, May 21 as well as returning alongside the Blue Ash Farmers' Market in Summit Park on Wednesday, May 17!

Market Season has Officially Arrived!

The team at Blue Oven is so thrilled to be back out at some of our favorite summer locations.  The return outdoors at the Loveland Farmers' Market and Madeira Farmers' Market filled us with pride, hope and joy at being able to see all of your familiar faces!  

This week, the Northside Farmers' Market returns to Jacob Hoffner Park and the Hyde Park Famers' Market will be at Clark Montessori for the last time before we move back to Hyde Park Square on May 21. 

Interested in sharing on the Blue Oven Community Board? Reach out to and fill us in on what you'd like to share with our audience.  We'll review it and share what we can with the Blue Oven Community.


Want to join the #BlueOven Team? We're looking to add to our roster of talented employees!

Each member of Blue Oven plays a vital role, and while we're always looking across the board for talent from #Cincinnati, we're currently looking to add experience bakery members for our team. If you have previous experience mixing commercial batches of dough, shaping artisan loaves, or baking in a wood-fired oven that's a major plus, but if you are intrigued by the prospect of working with us we'd be happy to hear from you!

If you're interested, please email,, or send a note through our website with a brief background and resume!

BLUE OVEN Monday Update!

Good news Cincinnati!  The summer market season is getting under way this week, and we'll be moving to our outdoor locations for some of your favorite farmers' markets.  The Loveland Farmers Market will return Tuesday May 2 to the same location as 2016 (Parking lot near Loveland Canoe & Kayak).  We'll be there from 3p-7p!  We'll also be heading outside for the Madeira Farmers Market this week, as always at the corner of Dawson and Miami in Historic Downtown Madeira! 

Other news for the week of May 1, 2017: The Hyde Park Farmers Market will be closed on Sunday, May 7, for festivities surrounding the Flying Pig!  We'll still be available at Findlay Market and at Jungle Jim's on Sunday, so you won't go without your fix! Join the Pig Party and have another great race day Cincinnati!