Farm Store Kicks off new era at Blue Oven

As many of you may have recognized from the CSA and Farm Store updates this week. Blue Oven is starting a new chapter at a new farm off of 32 and McKeever Pike.  While still some time away from running at full capacity the Farm Store gives us a chance to showcase a beautiful future for the bakery, farm, and the Blue Oven team! We'll have produce, fresh bread, croissants and more, and eventually you'll get to see it all happen.  We can't wait for you to take part in our day-to-day operation and experience an English Muffin fresh off the griddle!

Last week at the Farm Store, we had turnips, radishes, kale, lettuce, zucchini, sugar snap peas freshly baked bread, and English Muffins.  We'll update you on Wednesday with the fresh delivery, when our Farm Manager, Ian, will be harvesting each week. 

Stay tuned this week for updates on the bakery front as we're expecting to feature even more from Blue Oven Farm in croissants AND breads! Come see us at your favorite market!