Blue Oven is in full SUMMER mode!

As mentioned last week, Blue Oven will be going outside in two more locations.  Ft. Thomas Farmers' Market heads back outside at the Highlander Event Center from 3p-7p and the Liberty Center Farmers' Market 3p-7p as well. Those dates set us in full motion for the summer, and we're really hoping to see all of you out at your favorite locations this year! Our challenge to you this year is to branch out to new markets!  Every market has something special to offer, and we'd love you to experience each of our market friends across the city.  More importantly, we'd love to see your experiences. Grab a loaf of bread, some fresh veggies, plants or an artisan craft, photo it, and share it with the hashtag #BlueOvenSummer. We can't wait to see it!

With all of the fresh spring produce hitting the markets we're officially moving into FRUIT & SAVORY Croissant season (our favorite time of the year, and from what we hear your favorite time as well). We featured some of our garlic scapes last week, and we'll once again featuring them in a garlic pesto savory croissant.  Joining them will be a fruit croissant featuring a jam made from fresh Georgia peaches. Looking forward to sharing them with you!