Lots of Sun on the Forecast in Cincinnati!

The weather last week put a damper on some of our markets, but this week's forecast has us in high spirits for another great week at #BlueOven!  While the sun is out, we have plenty of fresh produce, and last week were able to feature items on our croissant and Toast Bar menu.  The cucumber and dill cream cheese on our Josephine's Dark Rye was refreshing and a great pair to enjoy together, and our Dill & Butter Croissants filled with Turkey or Ham have been a hit at every market, and you'll continue to see them this week!

Don't forget, you can also pick up the #farmfreshfood featured in our croissants and Toast Bar menu for yourself at the Blue Oven Farm Store!  Open Thursday (1p-7p), Friday (1p-7p) and Saturday (10a-12p), you can visit the new property and see what will soon be at the heart of the next step in Blue Oven Bakery!  Look for directional signs going up this week pointing the way on 32!

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