Last Week at the Blue Oven Farm Store

Last week at the Blue Oven Farm Store we featured tomatoes, onions, green beans, Swiss chard, cucumber, beets, garlic and carrots.  Our offerings for the Farm Store are selected in order to provide you with the freshest produce each time we're open. In some cases that means the weather plays an impact on the opening of the Farm Store for the day.   As we did on Friday, we will alert you on days when we will be opening at a later time via social media.  Our normal hours  are listed below, but stay tuned to our Instagram (@blueoven), Facebook and Twitter (@blueovenbakery) for updates on changes that may occur due to weather. 

Thursday: (1p-7p) Fresh Produce, Baked Breads, English Muffins and Croissants
Friday: (1p-7p) Fresh Produce, Baked Breads and English Muffins
Saturday: (10a-12p) Fresh Produce, Croissants and Fresh Brewed Coffee

Over the past couple weeks we've started to tap into our tomato resources from our farm and from some of our farmers' market neighbors.  Those tomatoes are being developed into new and exciting savory croissants as well as familiar favorites!  We love to talk croissants with you at market, so if you ever love a croissant, or think a croissant would taste great with another flavor just let us know.  You inspire us all the time without you knowing it, and we love your help in making the bakery a success, can't wait to hear from you!