New Seasonal Items on the Way this Week, plus Spelt Bread Update!

The summer is our favorite time of the year: the markets are outside, our customers are out in droves to enjoy the sunshine and we get to feature #farmfreshfoods in our breads, croissants and #ToastBar menu!  This week, we're bringing to market one of our favorite produce items: the jalapeño.  With the return of the jalapeño comes the return of the Spicy Cheese & Grist!  Roasted Jalapeño, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, stone-ground corn in our traditional sourdough base.  It's one of our favorite breads, and we hope you come out to take advantage!  Be on the lookout for a jalapeño jam to show up in some of our savory croissants this week as well!

On another note, we've been receiving some emails from disappointed customers over our Spelt Bread going missing from our bread menu on the weekends.  One of our greatest advantages for our Spelt Bread at Blue Oven Bakery is that it's freshly milled each week to be mixed into some of our doughs. But, with that advantage we sometimes run into problems with the strength of the Spelt berries we receive. Sometimes the flour produced isn't able to hold up under our standard bakery recipes, and the bread doesn't turn out with the quality we expect. Unfortunately, right now we are dealing with some Spelt berries that are on the weaker end of the spectrum. We've been working on modifying the recipe to fit the flour, and we hope to have the bread back on the menu both days this upcoming weekend.  Most importantly we want to apologize to our avid Spelt customers for the long wait, and we hope you'll bear with us during the process!