O PIE O, and Beyond: Blue Oven Restaurant Family


As many of you know, Blue Oven is able to work with some of the best chefs and restaurants Greater Cincinnati has to offer.  Last week we shared some beautiful pies sent over from O Pie O made with heirloom tomatoes from Blue Oven Farm (and yes they were delicious).  Each restaurant we partner with becomes a unique and invaluable relationship that allows us to push our creativity to new levels.  New items that appear at farmers' markets around the city are often inspired by chefs looking to bring a new idea to the table and our Sara Frommeyer and our team works to bring that idea to fruition.   We are forever grateful for the restaurants we work with on a daily and weekly basis, so we want you to make a reservation ASAP.  You can find the restaurants we work with here on our website.  

This week marks the last week for the Liberty Center Farmers' Market, and we're sad to see it go! Head out this week to send them off for the winter on a high note!