Blue Oven and Bengals Radio!

Dave and Dan.jpg

Even though the outcome of the game didn't go as planned for our beloved Cincinnati Bengals, the day was something to celebrate for the city of Cincinnati!  We hope to one day be reaching our 50th Anniversary as a company!  Congrats Cincinnati Bengals!  With that in mind we'd like to thank Dan Hoard and Dave Lapham for shouting us out via social media and on the radio!  Dan Hoard has been a loyal customer to Blue Oven and we're grateful to see him every week he can make it to the Hyde Park Farmers' Market.

Also, a quick reminder that Blue Oven is rain or shine at every market throughout your week, and as the weather associated with Irma heads towards Cincinnati this week be prepared to come see us with an umbrella in tow. Our continued thoughts are with Florida and Texas as they begin the recovery process, we hope it's speedy and full!