Blue Oven Family


Once a season, Blue Oven has an employee gathering at the bakery to celebrate another successful quarter.  Yesterday we celebrated the summer season by cooking delicious foods over the fire, and our team brought in their own specialty items to build a great meal.  Moments like these are vital to Blue Oven because it gives us time to reflect on the ways we have improved over the season as well as ways we can build upon that success into the future, and more importantly it allows us to have some well-earned recreation as a team. 

We're moving into a transition period for your farmers' market schedule, so please take time to review when your favorite stop will be closing down for the winter, and or moving indoors to a new location.  We love seeing many of you year-round, but we hope to see many more familiar faces from our outdoor markets join us inside where we continue to have a wonderful time.  You can find information about our winter market schedule on our post from a coupe weeks ago.