Learn Your Croissants: The One the Only, The Coconut


Over the summer we discussed croissants by introducing you to our classic butter croissant. On its own, the butter is a beautiful, crispy sweet treat for and a great vehicle for all your heart could desire, but in some cases we like to add a little flare so you don’t have to.

The Coconut Croissant is one of those cases. With the simple addition of toasted coconut, and a sweetened compound butter inside and out, the Coconut Croissant is baked again and turned into a delicious snack or decadent breakfast. But, don’t let us tell you how good it is, see what Cincinnati Magazine had to say about the croissant in a (semi)recent article. You’ll find the Coconut Croissant at most of our farmers’ markets and at some of our retail locations. Go forth and find your own!