Learn Your Loaf: Almond-Oat Porridge

Almond Oat Bread.jpg

As many of you know, Blue Oven, features a variety of breads, croissants, and English Muffins. Sometimes when you get to your market it's hard to choose between sourdough/non-sourdough, sweet/savory, White or Whole-Wheat, but today we're here to help.  Let's get to know the loaf of this week. 

The ALMOND-OAT Porridge!  The Almond-Oat Porridge bread is our classic sourdough mixed with toasted almonds, whole-wheat flour and oatmeal.  A porridge bread is made with cooked grains that are mixed or folded in the dough, and this bread is no exception. Not an everyday visitor to your local farmers' markets, but when you find it, it's a real treat.  The Almond-Oat Porridge bread makes a great toast bread and is the perfect vehicle for jams and peanut butter.  It's also a great bread for deli sandwiches! Look out for a bakery employee favorite at your next market trip!

ALMOND OAT PORRIDGE (V) | Mild Sourdough | 2lb
Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Rye Flour, Wheat Culture, Toasted Almonds, Oats, Salt, Water