Learn Your Loaves: Bad Boy and Bad Girl

Bad Boy.jpg

One of the most commonly asked question from our farmers' market customers is a good one because it involves two of our classic loaves. "What's the difference between a Bad Boy and Bad Girl?" comes at least once in a market, and we're here to help!  

The Bad Boy and Bad Girl have one major difference between them, and that is the type of yeast involved. The Bad Boy is our sourdough base, and the Bad Girl is activated with dry yeast.  

Bad Girl.jpg

The second major difference between the two is the types of seeds involved and where they're located.  The Bad Boy has the seeds on the outside, and the Bad Girl has the seeds on the inside.  The inclusion of fennel in the Bad Boy sets it apart form all of our loaves and many of our restaurant partners and market customers have noticed and made it one of our most popular loaves.  The Bad Girl does not have fennel, but like the Bad Boy it also has sesame seeds, flax seeds, and poppy seeds and joined by sunflower seeds on the INSIDE of the loaf.  

Both loaves are dear to the bakery, and have helped fuel new bread adventures, and we hope you continue to go out and take one home, and if you haven't tried the Bad Boy and Bad Girl we hope this information will help you decide which loaf to choose first!