Learn Your Loaves: Pecan Raisin & Apricot Walnut Cranberry


Many of you are keenly aware of a couple of our most popular loaves. Two Blue Oven classics, and some of the original bakery favorites.  Our fruit breads are the perfect blend of the sweetness of dried fruit and the crunch of walnuts or pecans. 

The names of each, the Pecan Raisin, and the Apricot-Walnut Cranberry, put the key ingredients out there right off the bat, but there may be subtle (or substantial) differences that you may not know about.  Both breads are given a boost for the sweet tooth with the Pecan Raisin given an added amount of honey to go with the sweetness of the raisins, and the Apricot-Walnut-Cranberry is given a touch of cane sugar to kick things up a notch. 


One other item separates the two breads, and that is the type of yeast used.  The Pecan-Raisin is fed with dry yeast and gets an overnight ferment added to the mix to give it that extra punch of flavor, meanwhile the Apricot-Walnut-Cranberry is risen through the wild yeast in our mother sourdough. These two breads make appearances throughout the week at many of our farmers' markets, as well as appearances at Jungle Jim's or Country Fresh Farm Market.  

P.S. Need help identifying which is which at market.  It's simple, the Pecan Raisin has three score marks, and the Apricot-Walnut-Cranberry has two.