Learn Your Loaves: Olive Fougasse

Olive Fougasse.jpg

Many of our loaves are shaped and baked in rounds called boules or in long torpedo shapes called batards, but one of our sourdoughs stands apart in its final shape/bake.  The Olive Fousasse. The fougasse shape is flatter than most of our loaves, and also has a distinct scoring pattern where the bread is sliced all the way through, and after the final bake resembles a head of wheat.  On occasion we'll produce batard shape loaves of the Olive sourdough (mostly for restaurants) so you may see those available once in awhile at markets as well!

Not only does the Olive Fougasse stand apart because of its shape, the loaf also stands apart because it has two distinct variations.  One pictured here is made with Kalamata Olives and it features thyme and fennel, and the version with green olives features only thyme.  The Olive Fougasse is a Blue Oven classic, and if you haven't tried it before you should look for it at your next trip to your favorite farmers' market!