Learn Your Loaves: Baguette


The Baguette is a loaf of bread well know around the world, and the way baguettes are produced varies from bakery to bakery.  By that we mean, some methods use a traditional overnight ferment called a poolish, some bakeries use a sourdough, and some bakeries like us use a combination of both.  Using a sourdough and overnight ferment created by mixing water, flour and dry yeast helps our baguette to take on a lot of flavor and also helps us to have a great crumb profile inside of the crust through a stronger gluten.  The long slender shape of the bread makes the baguette perfect for cutting into numerous small pieces that can be used as a soup dipping bread, as an appetizer building bread and as a platform for a cheese and meat spread.  Our Baguette has gone through multiple iterations, and we're always playing with the recipe to bring the best loaf to you at all of your markets!  We hope you enjoy this one, it's one of our favorites!