Learn Your Loaves: Tortano (A.K.A. Italian Hubcap)


Around Blue Oven Bakery we don’t consider a bread a true part of the bake list, unless it has more than one name. No bread is no truer part of the Blue Oven bake list than the classic you probably know simply as “Hubcap”. The Tortano (A.K.A. Italian Hubcap) is well known around farmers’ markets because of its round shape and signature tire like look. The Hubcap is a ciabatta style dough with a higher percentage of water than many loaves, so it takes a lot of work to build up the gluten structure in the bread to allow it to hold the round shape. Fermented overnight with a higher percentage of dry yeast to give the loaf a strong flavor the Tortano is great for dipping because it pairs well with so many different oils and vinegars. You might have tried the Hubcap at one of your favorite downtown restaurants a list you can see here. You can pick up at this ciabatta style bread at most of your favorite farmers’ markets, so whether you call it the “tire”, “wheel”, or the “donut” we know exactly you’re looking for, so make sure you grab one this week!