Learn Your Loaves: The Sour Rye

Sour Rye.jpg

As with many loaves at Blue Oven we like to have options for our customers to enjoy. The Sour Rye is no different. Like many of our other sourdough breads, the Sour Rye, starts with our standard Country French dough and additional ingredients are added as we go through mixing. In the case of the Sour Rye there’s two key additions. The first addition is extra Rye flour that helps to build texture in the loaf and increase the signature flavors in the loaf. The second addition, and it’s the big one is the caraway seed! The caraway flavor is what many folks associate with Rye breads you’ll find at diners and in the grocery store, and it’s what helps to give our Sour Rye it’s signature punch. Those additions aren’t the only thing that sets the Sour Rye apart, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, we like to have variations of most of our breads and with this loaf it comes right before it’s dropped in our wood-fired oven. A sprinkling of salt on top of the dough before it’s baked is another addition that sets this bread apart, and if you’re worried that you don’t like salt, have no fear, we like to send loaves without the salt to markets where the Sour Rye will appear. So if you love American Rye breads, but want the added health benefits of sourdough don’t miss out on one of our favorites the next time you swing through your favorite farmers’ market!