More Blue Oven in Blue Ash!

2348311_Blue Ash Farmers Market.jpg

As May progresses we’re moving to more and more outdoor markets, and this week we’ll return to one of our summer locations, and it’s one of our favorites! We’ll be back in Summit Park for the Blue Ash Farmers’ Market starting at 3:30 on Wednesday! It’s a great spot for a farmers’ market and to spend some time in the sun, so come see us every week this summer!

We’re also adding a bread delivery to a great fruit and vegetable market in the Blue Ash area every Saturday! Some of you may have noticed, but we’ve been there the past few weeks, but we’re looking forward to continuing to add to your Blue Oven options throughout the week!

Don’t forget to visit our Findlay Market location during the week! We’re open Tuesday through Sunday! Tuesday through Friday we have limited bread options, English Muffins and our Toast Bar menu with new items hitting throughout the fresh season, and then we continue our standard Saturday and Sundays at Findlay Market with all of your favorites.