Know Your Bread: Seasonal Croissants


We’re just about to see a wide-variety of produce coming from Blue Oven Farm into the bakery, and that means you’ll get to see more and more seasonal offerings in our breads going to farmers’ markets! Some of you may have already tasted some of the benefits of using fresh fruits and veggies like the Feta and Garlic Scape Cheese & Grist this weekend, and some of you may have had our sweet croissant with mixed berry jam with sweet cream or our savory is a pesto made with farm grown garlic scapes and swiss chard topped with roasted peppers and farm grown ramps! Throughout the season those items will continue to change, and they’re a great way to change up what you see at market and show you what is going on at the Farm. Stay tuned to social media for updates on what our croissant of the week will be and get to your market early because supplies are usually limited. We aren’t able to offer these croissants at our retailers, but maybe some day down the road you’ll get to try one wherever you shop for Blue Oven. We can’t wait to share what's next!