Blue Oven Farm, like the bakery, is committed to the highest quality, fresh, local products. We are organic and sustainable meanwhile making strides in building a farm-to-table bridge between the bakery and the farm, and ultimately to you at your local farmers' market location throughout the season.

Blue Oven is committed to creating a system where local wheat is grown, stone-milled in our mill house and used to make the bread that we bake fresh in our wood-fired ovens. Not only does this help to create a better tasting bread,  but it also creates a much healthier product for our customers. Our whole-wheat flour is a keystone in our bakery but the fruits and vegetables from our farm and the eggs from our hens are vital pieces that serve to bring an even better Blue Oven to every market. 

O Pie O Tomato Pie.jpg

Along with our efforts to supplement our bakery with produce and milled flour we also work with Cincinnati-area restaurants to help them create new and exciting dishes of their own.  As the new property develops we hope to serve an even greater restaurant need with all that Blue Oven Farm has to offer.

Blue Oven Farm Collage