Want to join the Blue Oven team? We're looking to add to our roster of talented employees! Each member of Blue Oven plays a vital role, and we're always looking across the board for talent. Have no experience? No problem, we can teach you. Have a lot of experience? Great! Then you can jump right in. Either way let us know a little bit about you and we will get back to you as soon as we can. (Heads up we may ask for an official resume)

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Joe grew up in Toledo, Ohio in a family passionate about cooking simple yet elegant foods, prepared the right way.  He is humbled and grateful to join his sister’s family business.  Joe is striving to build upon his three pillars: baking incredible bread, creating clear expectations for his employees, and always pushing to make sure his team goes home happy.  Motivated by his lovely wife and daughter, Joe concentrates on each step, all the while looking forward to see the big picture and vision of Blue Oven Bakery.

Upon graduating from the esteemed Clark Montessori high school and studying culinary arts at Cincinnati State, Charles stumbled upon a small bakery in Williamsburg. He knew immediately knew that Blue Oven was home. Amongst the chaos, fire and smoke, he found solace. Blue Oven isn't just a job to Charles, it’s a way of life.

Kate came to Blue Oven Bakery with a background in retail management and an unused certificate in baking and pastry. Blue Oven gave her the opportunity to turn a dream into reality - learning the ins-and-outs of bread making. Blue Oven has taught her about respect, friendship, positivity, dreaming big and always pushing the limits to produce a quality product you can take pride in. Kate enjoys preparing the croissants that will be sent out to all of our wonderful local markets, and she enjoys meeting the amazing customers that take her hard work home with them.

Graduating from Johnson and Wales, Lisa Konduschek chose to pursue baking at Blue Oven Bakery. Fueled on the passion of bread, she has been honing her shaping and croissant skills for over a year. She enjoys being the comic relief during long days while still aiming to form the finest breads. 

Jamie started at Blue Oven bakery with a background in Customer Service and experience at restaurants in Cincinnati.  She loves spending time with her daughter and her friends and family. She loves spending time outdoors, hiking and camping.  Jamie enjoys working at the farmers’ markets and shaping loaves, but her favorite day of the week is Sunday—Croissant Day!

Katie Duvall hails from the rolling hills of Daniel Boone National Forest located in Eastern Kentucky. She graduate from Cincinnati State’s culinary program in 2014 and has been working in the industry ever since.  Katie’s main focus at Blue Oven is coming up with new and exciting pastry ideas, and her proudest moment was completing a mix shift without pulling any muscles.

This is Nick’s rookie season; he just started working at Blue Oven in the fall season of 2016. Nick’s love of baking at home (especially homemade pizzas) led him to search for a local bakery where he could improve his talents, thus Blue Oven was the perfect team. Nick started off solely as a baker but now cooks English muffins, mixing and shaping dough. When he's not working, you can find Nick at the University of Cincinnati where he studies Criminal Justice, or at a local market looking for new ingredients to top his pizzas. 

Jacob returned to Cincinnati after five years working in marketing at Hachette Book Group in New York City.  While in continued pursuit of finding his place as a member of the Cincinnati Reds front office, Jacob joined Blue Oven in hopes to achieve the experience to be able to think critically about bread baking an interest he picked up through Chad Robertson's Tartine a book he helped to market internationally in his previous career. Having achieved his aforementioned goal, he is now the designated sourdough scientist at Blue Oven, experimenting on new mixes for new breads. Jacob also manages the social media and website, meanwhile executing marketing initatives for the team.