About Us

Honoring the artistry of hand-produced foods

Blue Oven Bakery is committed to local and organic ingredients and the slow methods of hand production to create delicious breads and foods that help encourage a healthy lifestyle and support the community.



The Blue Oven Story

Mark and Sara Frommeyer started with a passion for creating something great that would carry on as a family tradition for years to come. Having come from a family of cooks and food-lovers, Mark and Sara put their expertise to work and built a wood-fired oven in their back porch with blue tiles — their very own Blue Oven. Since then, they’ve weathered many storms to create a sustainable business for their farm and family. With the support of the community, the business has grown exponentially to be the well-known Cincinnati bread bakery they are now, and they’re only getting started.

A note for 2021 from Blue Oven:
As with most we’re looking back at 2020 and all of the challenges of every day life along with the immense struggle of every day business. Then, the wood-fired Blue Oven that has been our signature and provided for 13 years, also created our greatest challenge yet. When tragedy strikes you feel alone, but our community stepped up in a huge way to support us! From fellow market vendors, farmers’ markets, longtime and new customers, Cincinnati businesses and supporters of artisan craft we have so many we need to thank! That’s exactly what we want to do now. THANK YOU! Your support has allowed to get through 2020 keeping staff employed (sadly not all) and baked goods rolling into Findlay Market and what farmers’ markets we can! Now looking forward to 2021 we can see a year that will be filled with rebuilding! Staying true to our roots the rebuild will begin at Blue Oven Farm! Our Williamsburg community has been great to us and though a majority of our business is down town rebuilding where we started is a vital part of who we are–a group of like-minded artisans doing a daily a dance of love! We love the backdrop of our farm and it suits our crew and our vision of Blue Oven’s future with fresh produce, great bread and a steadfast local community working hand in hand! We’re looking forward to a great year, and can’t wait to get back to seeing all of you at all your favorite Blue Oven stops!


  • Local and organic ingredients

  • Hand-produced in our own kitchen

  • Sustainable bakery practices

  • Committed to the community


Our Bakery 

We are a bakery on a small family farm, located on the banks of the East Fork of the Little Miami River in Williamsburg, Ohio. All our breads and other specialty products are made with our own wood-fired oven by hand. What started as a way to sustain our family with healthy homemade foods has now become quite a staple in Cincinnati. We are committed to organic and local ingredients and the slow methods of hand production to ensure our breads are of the highest quality to fuel a healthy lifestyle.

Baking at Historic Findlay Market

While our primary baking home is in Williamsburg, we've moved into our second baking location at Findlay Kitchen. Partly out of necessity due to the fire at the original bakery, and part out of the ability to bake more at Findlay Market.  We've been part of the Findlay Market family for some time, but for the first time in our history we're baking daily on site! While our regular bakery begins rebuilding we'll be focused more and more on bringing more to the shelves down at Findlay Market!


Our Farm

Our farm, like the bakery, is committed to the highest quality, fresh, local products. Many of our bread ingredients come directly from Blue Oven Farm, and we strive to one day be fully self-sufficient! Our ingredients are also used to produce some local favorite dishes, in partnership with Cincinnati-area restaurants. We are organic and sustainable while making strides in building a farm-to-table bridge between the bakery and the farm. We aim to ultimately have our fresh produce available to you at your local farmers' market location throughout the season.


Our goal is to create delicious healthy foods with homegrown quality ingredients. By creating a system that empowers us to use our own ingredients to create new and exciting foods, we can ensure the highest quality, the best flavors and the healthiest options for our customers.



Featured in Your Favorite Restaurants

Across the greater Cincinnati area, Blue Oven is proud to collaborate with some of the best food minds our great city has to offer. Listed here are the local restaurants who are helping expand our thriving food culture and whom we are proud to call our friends.

If you’re interested in placing an order of our breads for your restaurant, please contact Mark at blueovenbakery@gmail.com.


Bread, Beer and Bourbon


Our ingredients don’t just go into breads — they go into beer too! Over the past several years, we’ve come to discover new and unexpected ways our wheat can be used.

Rhinegeist in OTR was a long time partner of Blue Oven, a relationship that included our soft pretzels and famous mustard butter that you could find in their tap room. We also collaborated on their seasonal limited-release Saison Blue that used our locally grown wheat!

We’ve also partnered with Mother Stewart’s, whom we got to know through the Springfield Farmers' Market and the winter market held in their brewery.  Their Blue Oven Farmhouse Ale, combined malted wheats from various farms (including ours!) created an intensely nutty, spicy and bready malt body with just enough hops — a true Ohio original!

One other partnership aging to perfection is with New Riff distillery in Newport, Kentucky. With our wheat berries, New Riff has turned the grain into mash and distilled into a wheated bourbon that is currently aging. We look forward to trying out the first batch of Blue Oven bourbon!  

Bircus Brewery in Northern Kentucky has been bringing a new look to entertainment and dining, and we've worked with them on several of their house beers featuring Blue Oven Farm wheat malted to perfection and ready for beer and merry making.  

Bread, beer and spirits are a perfect pair, and we’re always on the lookout for new brewery partners. If you’re interested, please contact Mark at blueovenbakery@gmail.com.

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